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Photo Enhancements

Level I Enhancements: $40.00

  • Remove scars, moles and facial blemishes
  • Add text to a photo
  • Whitten teeth
  • Remove small scratches and imperfections

Level II Enhancements: $65.00

  • Isolate a color (i.e. make a child’s blue shirt stand out)
  • Removal of objects such as signs, certain background, poles, cars.
  • Facial updating, remove wrinkles, moles, smoothen skin and remove blemishes.

Level III Enhancements: $125.00

  • Add or Remove people from group pictures
  • Restore faded and/or torn photographs
  • Other difficult requests

Convert to Black & White or Sepia: $15.00

Change or remove a background color : $50.00